Part-15. The Harvard-3

In this forum, we're going to build/design, together, a fully programmable computer, "bit by bit".
That means, that everyone can participate.
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Hans Cadans
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Part-15. The Harvard-3

Post by Hans Cadans » Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:10 am


Finally, a programmable interrupt controller is integrated in my design.
I had to change several things to make it work. Fortunately I did succeed.

All the changes are mentioned on the property-page of MAIN-circuit.
I've tried to explain everything, to the best of my ability. (explain it in English, shortly and clearly)

To understand the program, I've added the assembler (It is a EXCEL-file)
With this EXCEL-file, you can make the Program-ROM, the Data-ROM and the ROM with the micro-routines.
Everything is documented as good as possible, so read this file.

The other EXCEL-file contains a multiplication program. You can use this file, to make your own programs.
I like to change the keyboard. At this moment, it is scanned by the monitor.
Next time the keyboard will generate an interrupt, which will start a service routine.
This routine will be much shorter, so pushing a button will give a quicker reaction.

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