News & Updates

Version released.

21 March 2017

Python scripting language is now embedded in LogicCircuit. Please download and start automating your circuits.

Version released.

20 September 2016

Japanese translation and bug fixes release is available for download.

Version released.

3 June 2016

New translation and bug fixes are available for download.

Version released.

21 October 2015

New version is available for download.

Version released.

28 July 2015

Persian translation available for download.

Version released.

26 June 2015

Please download fix of one nasty bug.

Version released.

16 June 2015

New bug fix release available for download.

Version released.

24 March 2015

New translations are now available. Please download the program and give it a try.

Version released.

6 January 2015

LogicCircuit now translated to Lithuanian. Please download and give it a try.

Version released.

16 December 2014

Release with new features, bug fixes, and translation is here for download.


Sometimes you want to combine visualization logic with display element itself. For example you want to have a hexadecimal display which has 4 bit input and showing hexadecimal digit on 7 segment display.

Starting from version you can do this. Just put display element on the circuit, add required logic with appropriate inputs. Open Logical Circuit dialog (you can do it via menu Circuit/Logical Circuit or just double click on an empty area of the circuit diagram). In the dialog check "Display visual elements on symbol" and click OK.

Creating display

Observe on the left panel of the program window that symbol of the circuit has changed and now it is showing 7 segment display itself.

New symbol of the display

Now when you use newly built display on other circuits it will display the value of its input.

You can nest displays one in another. For example you can use HEX display to build one byte hexadecimal display. Of course you’ll need to mark byte display to show it visual element on it symbol as well.

Nesting one display into another

You can use LEDs, LED matrixes, 7 segment displays, buttons, Graphics Arrays, and other logical circuit displays to build your display.

Here is an example of numeric keypad you can build.

Numeric keypad

Please download sample digital clock circuit project to see how it works.